TxName Property

Name for this bank transaction.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getTxName($txindex);

Procedural Interface

ipworksofx_invstatement_get($res, 101 , $txindex);

Default Value



Name for this bank transaction. When there are bank transactions returned in the statement download (i.e. TxType returned is ttINVBANKTRAN), the TxName stores the name of the financial institution or a name assigned by the institution to this transaction, such as 'Customer deposit'.

This property is an optional field. When calling the GetStatement method, if the server's response does not contain this value, querying the property will return an empty string.

The $txindex parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the TxCount property.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type


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