TxType Property

This is the type of transaction that was made on the account.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getTxType($txindex);

Procedural Interface

ipworksofx_invstatement_get($res, 106 , $txindex);

Default Value



This is the type of transaction that was made on the account. Checks, electronic funds transfers, and ATM transactions associated with CMA or money market sweep accounts are always represented with a bank transaction record.

Investment actions that involve securities (buy, sell, stock split, reinvest, etc.) are always represented with an investment record. Actions that are cash-only but are directly associated with a security are also investment actions (for example, dividends).

Other cash-only actions require careful analysis by the FI. Those that affect investment performance analysis should be sent using the appropriate investment action (investment income - miscellaneous, investment expense). Those that are completely unrelated to investment should be sent as a bank record.

The types and their meanings are as follows:

ittBUYDEBT (0)Buy debt security
ittBUYMF (1)Buy mutual fund (being switched to).
ittBUYOPT (2)Buy option.
ittBUYOTHER (3)Buy other security type
ittBUYSTOCK (4)Buy stock.
ittCLOSUREOPT (5)Close a position for an option.
ittINCOME (6)Investment income is realized as cash into the investment account. A negative TOTAL is used to denote adjustments to income.
ittINVEXPENSE (7)Misc. investment expense that is associated with a specific security.
ittJRNLFUND (8)Journaling cash holdings between sub-accounts within the same investment account.
ittJRNLSEC (9)Journaling security holdings between sub-accounts within the same investment account.
ittMARGININTEREST (10)Margin interest expense
ittREINVEST (11)Reinvestment of income
ittRETOFCAP (12)Return of capital
ittSELLDEBT (13)Sell debt security. Used when debt is sold, called, or reached maturity.
ittSELLMF (14)Sell mutual fund (being switched from).
ittSELLOPT (15)Sell option.
ittSELLOTHER (16)Sell other type of security
ittSELLSTOCK (17)Sell stock
ittSPLIT (18)Stock or Mutual Fund Split. (Note: the trade date is interpreted as the 'day of record' for the split.)
ittTRANSFERS (19)Transfer holdings in and out of the investment account.
ittINVBANKTRAN (20)Banking related transactions for the investment account.
ittOTHER (255)Other

The $txindex parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the TxCount property.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type


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