GetImage Method

Request and retrieve a check or statement image (if available).

Object Oriented Interface

public function doGetImage($imageref, $imagereftype);

Procedural Interface

ipworksofx_loanstatement_do_getimage($res, $imageref, $imagereftype);


This function generates the Signon and Download Image request page, submits it to the financial institution via secure HTTPS Post.

The requested image of a check or statement closing information is identified by ImageRef parameter. The type of this image reference should be specified by ImageRefType parameter.

Possible values and their meanings for the ImageRefType parameter are:

OPAQUE (default value) The class will send an OFX request to access this image. This request will be in the form of a normal OFX request (complete with Signon) and the login credentials are required to authenticate the client. However, whereas the request file contains typical OFX syntax, the successful response returned is in the form of raw bytes. If a failure condition occurs, the class will return an error with a specific message.
URL The URL identifies a service on an FI server that can accept an image request and produce a response. The class issues an HTTP request (over SSL) to the URL specified by the ImageRef parameter. The client will then authenticate. Once this authentication takes place, the image can be displayed
FORMURL The class issues an HTTP request (over SSL), with encoded data specified in the URL retrieved from the ImageRef parameter. The image can then be displayed.

If you want the server to return image references for each transaction or statement closing information, and if the server supports image download service via OFX, you will have to set the IncludeImages to True when either GetStatement or GetClosingInfo method is called.

If available, then you can access that particular image by calling the GetImage method, where ImageRef parameter value is set to the image reference stored in TxImageRef (or ClosingDetailImageRef) and the ImageRefType parameter is set to the respective TxImageRefType (or ClosingDetailImageRefType) corresponding to the requested check or statement.

Upon successful response, the image content will be returned by this method. If you want the image to be saved to a file, you can set the ImageFileName to a desired name without specifying the type. The file type will be set automatically depending on the image type supported by the server. Possible image types are: jpeg, tiff, png, pdf.

Otherwise, the class will throw an error.

Image download is available only for OFX version 2.1.1. When this method is called, the OFXVersion is automatically set to '211'.

Note: Clients may request images in statement download and/or closing requests in various message sets. But not all FIs support image download. Prior to requesting these images, clients must verify that support exists on the server for image download. This is indicated by the presence of the IMAGEMSGSET aggregate in the profile response, as well as the IMAGEPROF aggregate in the profile response for the specific message set in question.

For instance, if a client wishes to request transaction images in the banking statement download request, the client must verify the presence of IMAGEMSGSET in the profile as well as transaction image support in the IMAGEPROF aggregate in the BANKMSGSET in the profile. Image download requests are allowed only in OFX 2.1.1 in the Banking, Credit Card, Loan and Investments message sets.

To verify whether your FI supports this service, you should check its profile (by calling the GetProfile method in FIProfile class) and check the values of FIMessageSetTxImage and FIMessageSetClosingInfoImage for each message set (bank, credit card, loan and investment).

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