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MDNSigningCert Property

The digital id to be used to sign the MDN (optional).

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This property is used to assign a specific certificate for generating digital signatures. If MDNSigningCert is not set and a digital signature is required by the incoming AS1 request, EncryptionCert will be used in its place.

This field is used to set a Private Key Certificate.

Private key certificates may be loaded from the registry, from files in PKCS#12 format, or from a PEM file format. If you click on the ellipses, a certificate selection dialog will open. To select a private key from the system registry, select the System Store tab or the User Store tab, and highlight the appropriate registry store. The list of certificates which have private keys will be shown below.

To select a private key certificate from a file in PKCS#12 format, select the PFX Store tab. The browse button can be used to examine the file system for PKCS#12 (.pfx or .p12) certificates. If you wish to examine the certificate, provide the password in the field provided and click on the Open button to examine the file store for certificates present. To load a certificate from PEM files, select the PEM tab. Like the PFX file selection, you can specify the password and click the Open button to examine the certificates in the PEM store, or you may paste any PEM data stored in memory.

Regardless of how you selected the certificate, once you hit the OK button, the adapter will attempt to verify that certificate selection. If successful, the subject of the certificate will be displayed in the property field. If the adapter was not able to verify the selection, a dialog box will appear instead detailing the verification error.

This property is not available in the Sender.

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