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ResponseCode Property

Additional error code returned by some gateways.

Data Type


Default Value



This field contains the actual response code as returned by the Gateway. Unlike the TransactionApproved property, this ResponseCode property provides more details about why a transaction was declined. Therefore, it is recommended that developers check the ResponseCode as well as the TransactionApproved property. The Point of Sale system should evaluate this response code and NOT the ResponseText to determine nature of a response message. The current (at the time of this release) response codes for the supported Gateways are listed below. Please see the individual specifications for each Gateway (available from the Gateway itself) for an updated list of these codes.

Authorize.Net: (works with Authorize.net, ECX, MPCS, Planet Payment, and RTWare)



Code ResponseText Description
00 APPROVAL Approved and completed.
01 CALL Refer to issuer.
02 CALL Refer to issuer - Special condition.
03 TERM ID ERROR Invalid merchant ID.
04 HOLD-CALL Pick up card.
05 DECLINE Do not honor.
06 ERROR xx General error.
06 ERROR xxxx General error.
07 HOLD-CALL Pick up card - Special condition.
13 AMOUNT ERROR Invalid amount.
14 CARD NO. ERROR Invalid card number.
15 NO SUCH ISSUER No such issuer.
19 RE ENTER Re-enter transaction.
21 NO ACTION TAKEN Unable to back out transaction.
28 NO REPLY File is temporarily unavailable.
39 NO CREDIT ACCOUNT No credit account.
41 HOLD-CALL Pickup card - Lost.
43 HOLD-CALL Pickup card - Stolen.
51 DECLINE Insufficient funds.
54 EXPIRED CARD Expired card.
57 SERV NOT ALLOWED Transaction not permitted - Card.
61 DECLINE Exceeds withdrawal limit.
62 DECLINE Invalid service code, restricted.
65 DECLINE Activity limit exceeded.
76 NO ACTION TAKEN Unable to locate, no match.
77 NO ACTION TAKEN Inconsistent data, rev. or repeat.
78 NO ACCOUNT No account.
80 DATE ERROR Invalid date.
85 CARD OK No reason to decline.
91 NO REPLY Issuer or switch is unavailable.
93 DECLINE Violation, cannot complete.
96 SYSTEM ERROR System malfunction.
98 VOID ERROR No matching transaction to void.
L2 PASSWORD INVALID Password is missing or invalid.
L3 EXPIRATION DATE INVALID Expiration Date is not formatted correctly.
L6 ORDER NUMBER MISSING The Order Number is required but missing.
L7 WRONG TRANSACTION CODE Transaction Code must be either a 30 for Authorize Only, 32 for Authorize and Settle.
L8 NETWORK The Network Connection timed out due to a communications error.




1Declined or error condition.


1Declined or error condition.


AApproved. The purchase has been authorized by the issuer.
SSame. The DTS has detected a possible duplicate transaction. You can treat this as a decline, or you can send the transaction again after adding the following line to the SpecialFields property: "DUPEOK=Y".
DDeclined. The authorizer has declined the purchase request.
XExpired. The card has expired.
EError. A data entry error of some kind has occurred.
UUnknown. An unknown processor or issuer error has occurred.
FFailure. A system failure of some kind has occurred.


NC PICK UP CARD Pick up card.
ND NOT ON FILE Cardholder not found.
ND EXPIRED CARD Expired card.
ND REQ. EXCEEDS BAL. Request exceeds balance.
ND DECLINED Do not honor.
ND AMOUNT ERROR Transaction amount error.
ND DECLINED CVV2 Credit Verification Value error.
NR CALL AUTH. CENTER Refer to issuer.


1Declined or error condition.


I (letter I) = IncompleteThese are transactions that are successful, but may fail at a later date, ie: An ACH transaction is approved, but then is later denied due to NSF.
1 (number 1) = Approved, GoodThis is a transaction that is approved and charged.
R = RefundedThis transaction has been refunded. It is extremely unlikely you will ever see this return code in this context, although you may see it when browsing old transactions in the NetBilling database (via the Admin tools).
T = TicketThis is returned when an Authorize-Only or AVS-Only transaction is good.
F or 0 = FailureThe number zero "0" or the letter "F" indicates that the transaction failed. A more detailed message will be available in the ResponseText field.
Other CodeAny other non-zero, non-null codes should be interpreted as success for compatibility with future response codes.

PayFlow Pro:

1User authentication failed.
2Invalid tender type. Your merchant bank account does not support the following credit card type that was submitted.
3Invalid transaction type. Transaction type is not appropriate for this transaction. For example, you cannot credit an authorization-only transaction.
4Invalid amount format.
5Invalid merchant information. Processor does not recognize your merchant account information. Contact your bank account acquirer to resolve this problem.
7Field format error. Invalid information entered.
8Not a transaction server.
9Too many parameters or invalid stream.
10Too many line items.
11Client timeout waiting for response.
12Declined. Please check the credit card number and transaction information to make sure they were entered correctly. If this does not resolve the problem, have the customer call the credit card issuer to resolve.
13Referral. Transaction was declined but could be approved with a verbal authorization from the bank that issued the card. Submit a manual Voice Authorization transaction and enter the verbal auth code.
19Original transaction ID (PNRef) not found. The transaction ID you entered for this transaction is not valid.
20Cannot find the customer reference number.
22Invalid ABA number.
23Invalid account number. Please check credit card number and re-submit.
24Invalid expiration date. Please check and re-submit.
25Transaction type not mapped to this host.
26Invalid vendor account.
27Insufficient partner permissions.
28Insufficient user permissions.
29Invalid XML document. This could be caused by an unrecognized XML tag or a bad XML format that cannot be parsed by the system.
30Duplicate transaction.
31Error in adding the recurring profile.
32Error in modifying the recurring profile.
33Error in canceling the recurring profile.
34Error in forcing the recurring profile.
35Error in reactivating the recurring profile.
36OLTP Transaction failed.
50Insufficient funds available.
99General error.
100Transaction type not supported by host.
101Timeout value too small.
102Processor not available.
103Error reading response from host.
104Timeout waiting for processor response. Try your transaction again.
105Credit Error. Please make sure you have not already credited this transaction, or that this transaction ID is for a creditable transaction (for example, you cannot credit an authorization).
106Host not available.
107Duplicate suppression timeout.
108Void error. Please make sure the transaction ID entered has not already been voided. If not, then look at the Transaction Detail screen for this transaction to see if it has settled (the Batch field will be set to a number greater than zero if the transaction has been settled). If the transaction has already settled your only recourse is a reversal (credit a payment or submit a payment for a credit).
109Timeout waiting for host response.
111Capture error. Only authorization transactions can be captured.
112Failed AVS check. Address and zip code do not match.
113Cannot exceed sales cap. For ACH transactions only (not supported).
114CVV2 Mismatch. An authorization may still exist on the cardholder's account.
115System is busy, try again later.
116VPS Internal error - Failed to lock terminal number.
117Failed merchant rule check. An attempt was made to submit a transaction that failed to meet the security settings specified on the VeriSign Manager Security Settings page. See VeriSign Manager User's Guide.
118Invalid keywords found in string fields.
1000Generic host error. This is a generic message returned by your credit card processor. The message itself will contain more information describing the error.


2Not Authorized.
3Error Occurred.
4Missing Information.
5Unavailable Card Type.


0APPROVED Transaction approved.
1(Custom server response)Declined or error condition. See ResponseText for additional information.


ApprovedTransaction approved.
DeclinedTransaction declined.
ErrorThere is an error in the data received.


A Approved.
C Call Auth Center.
D Declined.
P Pick up card.
X Expired.
E Other Error.

Bank Of America:

-1 Communication issue with authorization system.
0 Order authorized successfully.
1 Communication or Routing error requiring resubmission of authorization request.
2 Card issuing company declined to authorize transaction.
3 No response from, or error communicating with, card issuing company.
4 Card issuing company declined to authorize transaction, or card type not accepted by merchant.
6 Card issuing company declined to authorize transaction as credit card has expired.
7 Card issuing company declined to authorize transaction in full.
8 Communication error requiring resubmission of authorization request.
9 Duplicate Merchant Order Number.
10 Other issue.
11 Invalid Encrypted Order Information provided.


0 Transaction Approved
* All other codes should be considered as declined.

Merchant Anywhere:

0 Approved
1 Declined


0 Transaction is not approved.
1 Transaction is approved.
-1 Error in transaction.


G Approved
D Declined
C Cancelled
T Timeout waiting for host response
R Received

3DSI EC-Linx:

A Approved
V Voided
C Partial Credit
M Force Accepted
D Declined
F Failed
E Exists

Trust Commerce:

approved Transaction was successful.
accepted Transaction was successful (for offline transactions such as Credits)
declined Transaction declined.
baddata Improperly formatted or missing data.


Approved Transaction Approved.
Declined Transaction Declined.
Error Error condition.

PayFuse: (Note, this is a selection of error codes. Please see the API docs for a complete list. Only codes 1 and 4 indicate approval.)

1 Approved.
2 Referral (General).
3 Referral - Call bank for manual approval.
4 AVS request accepted.
50 Declined (General).
51 Connection timed-out.
52 Error connecting to processor or sending data.
53 Error during Payment Commit phase.
54 Timed out waiting for response.
100 Transaction failed to settle due to Soft Error.
101 Transaction failed to settle due to Hard Error.
102 Transaction failed to settle because the transaction is marked as Locked.
500 Declined - Transaction considered fraudulent by Fraud component.
501"The transaction was Approved by the processor. However, it failed a postprocessing fraud rule and has been voided."
502 "The transaction was Approved by the processor. However, it failed a fraud rule and has been marked for review."


-Anything other than an approved transaction will return no code. However, the ResponseText property will contain the error message.


APPROVEDThe transaction was approved.
DECLINEDthe transaction was declined.
FRAUDFraudulent transaction detected.


2Message/System error.


0Declined or incomplete.

If a gateway returns it, this will contain an additional code that may explain why the transaction was declined. You may also wish to inspect ResponseErrorText for a human-readable description of this ResponseErrorCode.

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