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VirtualFileFormat Property

The structure of the outgoing file.

Data Type


Possible Values

Unstructured (0)
Text (1)
Fixed (2)
Variable (3)

Default Value



The following values are valid file formats for outgoing virtual files:

Unstructured (0)The outgoing file is binary and has not structure. There are no records in this type of file.
Text (1)The outgoing file is a text file that consists of lines containing no more than 2048 characters terminated by CRLF. This type contains no records.
Fixed (2)The outgoing file is in fixed file format, which means all records are of the same length. For fixed files, the adapter expects the file to be in text format with each line containing the MaxRecordSize characters terminated by a CRLF.
Variable (3)The outgoing file is a variable file format, meaning all records are of variable length and are no longer than MaxRecordSize. When using this format, the adapter will parse out each record as a line terminated by CRLF. Thus, this type of file must be a text file, and must contain lines with less than MaxRecordSize characters.

Note: When either VirtualFileSecurityLevel has been set to a value other than slNone or Compress has been set to true, all files become ffUnstructured except ffVariable files.

This property is not available in the Receiver.

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