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TempPath Property

A temporary local directory where data can be stored before the adapter processes it.

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This property indicates a temporary directory where the adapter can store any data before the adapter processes it. If TempPath is empty, the adapter will receive all data to memory. If set, the adapter will generate and write all inbound data to a temporary file in the specified directory.

Once the file is submitted, the adapter will handle closing the file stream and deleting the temporary file. However, if the adapter is shut down during a transfer some temporary files may be left in the directory. To ensure optimal performance, server administrators should check the directory regularly and remove old or extraneous files.

This property accepts the "%TEMP%" macro, which will be replaced with the default system temporary directory at runtime.

Note: by default, this property is empty and the adapter will use memory streams to store all inbound data before submitting it. It is recommended that you use a temporary directory when downloading large batches or batches containing large files to alleviate potential increased memory requirements.

This property is not available in the Sender.

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