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DataToSend Property

The data to be sent to the server.

Data Type


Default Value



This property specifies data which will be sent to the server. If the server requires the data to be terminated with any special character (like an end-of-line marker), it should be included in the value supplied here.

Commands that include spaces should be surrounded with quotes. For instance:

exec "echo hello"
Quotes within a command do not need to be escaped. For instance:
exec "echo hello "world""
Will send:
echo hello "world"

The "\" character is the escape character. It is used with the special case of Cr and Lf characters. For instance:

exec "pwd\r\n"
Will send "pwd" followed by a CrLf sequence.

The "\" escape character is also used when specifying non-ASCII characters by passing Hex encoded values. For instance:

exec "\7F"
Will send the DEL control character.

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