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ReceiptSigningProtocol Property

The protocol used to sign the outgoing MDN receipt.

Data Type


Possible Values

As Requested (0)
PKCS7 (1)
None (2)

Default Value



The protocol used to sign the outgoing MDN. By default, the adapter will honor the request of the client, if possible. If it is not possible to honor the client request, the MDN will not be signed and an error will be generated, unless ErrorProcessingFlags has been configured to prevent this.

If the client does not request a signature, one will not be provided by default; however, the server may provide one by setting ReceiptSigningProtocol to spPKCS7. If the client requests a signature and the signature protocol is supported by the adapter, the request must be honored, per RFC specifications.

This property is not available in the Sender.

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