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RolloverSignerCert Property

The rollover decryption and receipt signing certificate.

Data Type



The rollover digital certificate that the adapter will use to decrypt incoming transmissions and sign the MDN receipt (if requested). This may be used to specify an additional decryption and receipt signing certificate during a period of transition between private certificates in the application.

When specified the adapter will be able to decrypt messages that were encrypted with the corresponding public certificate of either Certificate or RolloverCertificate. MDNs will be signed with both the certificate in Certificate and RolloverCertificate.

If a different certificate is required for decryption than for MDN signing, set the decryption certificate before calling ParseRequest, then set the rollover signing certificate before calling CreateMDNReceipt. RolloverCertificate must be set to a private key certificate.

This property is not available in the Sender.

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