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SNPP Adapter

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The SNPP Component adds paging send functionality to your BizTalk Server.


The SNPP Adapter implements a Simple Network Paging Protocol transmission client that can be used to send pages from your BizTalk Server to any paging-enabled device.

SNPP Send Adapter

The SNPP Send Adapter requires that you set a ServerName and ServerPort to connect to. You must also specify the recipient's PagerId. There is an optional CallerId property that will identify a number for the recipient to call.

The adapter also supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transport security. This may be enabled by selecting an SSLCert and a valid SSLAcceptServerCert, and then setting the SSLStartMode to an appropriate value.

Once the send port is set up, it will connect to the SMPP server whenever it has a message to send. By default, it will send the contents of the message body as the text of the short message. This behavior can be overridden by setting the MessageText property at design time or at runtime by writing the property to the message context.

Please refer to the section on adapter configuration for a description of how to configure receive locations and send ports for this adapter.

Sender Property List

The following is the full list of the properties of the sender adapter with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

CallerIdThe id of the caller.
ConnectionLifetimeInstructs the component whether or not to leave the connection to the server open.
FirewallA set of properties related to firewall access.
MaxPersistentConnectionsThe maximum number of simultaneous persistent connections when sending.
MaxThreadsThe maximum number of threads that the component may consume.
MaxTransmissionBatchSizeThe maximum number of messages that can be sent in a single batch.
MessageTextThe message being sent (alphanumeric).
OtherDefines a set of configuration settings to be used by the component.
PagerIdThe id number of the pager which will receive the current page message.
RuntimeLicenseSpecifies the component runtime license key.
ServerNameThe name or address of the SNPP server.
ServerPortThe server port for SNPP (default 444).
SSLAcceptServerCertInstructs the component to unconditionally accept the server certificate that matches the supplied certificate.
SSLCertThe certificate to use for client authentication during the SSL handshake.
SSLStartModeDetermines how the component starts the SSL negotiation.
TimeoutA timeout for the component.
TransmitBatchModeHow the transmitter processes batches.
TransportLogTells the component where and how to report information about its operations.
URIThe Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the send port or receive location.

Configuration Settings

The following is a list of configuration settings for the adapter with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

ReuseSSLSessionDetermines if the SSL session is reused.
SSLCipherStrengthThe minimum cipher strength used for bulk encryption.
SSLEnabledCipherSuitesThe cipher suite to be used in an SSL negotiation.
SSLEnabledProtocolsUsed to enable/disable the supported security protocols.
SSLIncludeCertChainWhether the entire certificate chain is included in the SSLServerAuthentication event.
SSLSecurityFlagsFlags that control certificate verification.
TLS12SignatureAlgorithmsDefines the allowed TLS 1.2 signature algorithms when UseInternalSecurityAPI is True.
TLS12SupportedGroupsThe supported groups for ECC.
TLS13KeyShareGroupsThe groups for which to pregenerate key shares.
TLS13SignatureAlgorithmsThe allowed certificate signature algorithms.
TLS13SupportedGroupsThe supported groups for (EC)DHE key exchange.
AbsoluteTimeoutDetermines whether timeouts are inactivity timeouts or absolute timeouts.
LocalHostThe name of the local host or user-assigned IP interface through which connections are initiated or accepted.
TcpNoDelayWhether or not to delay when sending packets.
UseInternalSecurityAPITells the component whether or not to use the system security libraries or an internal implementation.

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