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SSLAcceptServerCert Property

For sending HTTPS requests, a server certificate to unconditionally accept.

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In the Send Connector, this property is used when communicating with trading partners via HTTPS to the URL specified in URL.

In the Receive Connector, this property is used when an asynchronous MDN is requested by your trading partner to the URL specified in MDNDeliveryOption.

When an HTTPS request is issued by the connector, a new secure connection is created with the trading partner. By default, the connector will reject self-signed certificates and any other server certificates not signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

This property is used to set a Public Key Certificate.

Ordinarily, the system will attempt to locate the public key in trusted certificate stores in the system registry. If a match is found, the certificate is trusted, and the process proceeds without error. If the certificate is not trusted, the connector will report an error.

You may explicitly set a public key, either to accept a key that is not installed on the system, or to ensure that a specific key is presented. Public key certificates may be loaded from the machine registry or from file.

Note: You may also set the Accept Any field to Yes without opening the certificate selection dialog to force the connector to unilaterally authenticate any server during the security handshake. It is strongly recommended that you use this only for testing purposes. Set the LogMode to Info to cause the connector to report the server's credentials to Location.

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