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AfterConnect Property

A set of FTP commands to be executed immediately after connecting to the FTPServer .

Data Type


Default Value



AfterConnect is a script that is executed immediately following a successful connection.

The script may contain any number of standard FTP commands.

Each line in the script is treated as a single command. By default, if the connector encounters any errors while executing a command, it will log the error message and will continue to process the script. This behavior can be turned off by inserting "ONERROR FAIL" at any point in the script, which will cause the script to terminate on error but will not interrupt the normal operation of the connector. The default behavior can be restored at any point in the script by inserting the line "ONERROR RESUME".

Valid additional scripting commands are listed below:

cd PathChange the remote directory to the specified path.
del FilenameDelete the specified file from the remote server.
mkdir DirectoryCreate the specified remote directory on the server.
rn Filename NewFilenameRename the remote file specified by Filename to the NewFilename.
move Filename NewFilenameMove the remote file located at Filename to the NewFilename.
rm FilenameRemove the specified file from the remote server.
rmdir DirectoryRemove the remote directory from the server.
touch FilenameCreate the specified file on the server.

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