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Version Property

Which version of the OFTP protocol the component is using.

Data Type


Possible Values

Ver 12 (0)
Ver 13 (1)
Ver 14 (2)
Ver 20 (3)

Default Value



This property is used to specify which version of the oftp protocol the component is using. By default, oftpVer12 (0) is used which is version 1.2 of the protocol. The values oftpVer13(1) and oftpVer14 (2) represent versions 1.3 and 1.4 of the protocol, respectively.

Version 2.0 (oftpVer20) of the protocol must be used when using security functions. UseSSL, SecureAuthentication, VirtualFileSecurityLevel, and Compress all are only valid for version 2.0 of the protocol.

NOTE: TempPath is required when version 2.0 is used.

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