DeleteQueue Property

Deletes a queue.

Data Type


Default Value



Set to true to delete the queue.

ChannelName, QueueName, QueueIfUnused, and QueueIfEmpty must also be set.

ChannelName controls what channel the component will send the request over. While any channel can technically be used, keep in mind that the server will close it if a channel error occurs. For this reason, it is good practice to make requests such as this one using a channel that is not involved in message publishing or consumption.

QueueName must be a non-empty string consisting only of letters, digits, hyphens, underscores, periods, and colons. It must be no longer than 255 characters, and must not begin with amq.

When QueueIfUnused is True, the server will only delete the queue if no consumers are attached to it.

When QueueIfEmpty is True, the server will only delete the queue if it has no messages in it. (When QueueIfEmpty is False, servers will typically move any remaining messages to a dead-letter queue, if one is available.)

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