MessageList Property

String denoting the name of the variable which contains the last message listing entries.

Data Type


Default Value



The MessageList property contains the name of a variable which stores messages that are received from the server.

The variable is in the form of a datatable. The table's rows represent a message, and the columns represent a different property of the message. The columns of the datatable are listed below:

(0) MessageTextThe body of the retrieved message.
(1) MessageSubjectThe subject of the message.
(2) MessageHeadersRFC822-encoded headers of the message.
(3) MessageDateThe date/time stamp when the message was sent.
(4) MessageSizeThe size of the message.
(5) MessageFromThe address of the author of the message.
(6) MessageToComma separated list of direct recipients of the message.
(7) MessageCcA comma separated list of addresses for carbon copies of the message.
(8) MessageIdThe Id of the message.

This property is not available in the Sender.

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