FileMask Property

Specifies which files the task should include when extracting.

Data Type


Default Value



FileMask may be used when extracting to specify which files will be extracted from the ArchiveFile property.

The value should be a pipe ("|") -delimited sequence of one or more filenames. The filenames should be specified with paths if necessary, so that the files may be found on the local file system.

Filenames may include the wildcards '?', '*', and '< .. >'. '?' will match any single character, and '*' will match an arbitrary sequence of characters. '< .. >' may be used to match any of the characters inside, or a range, such as '<a-z>'.

During extraction, FileMask may be set to one or more filenames or directory names. Files may be specified with or without a path, and with or without wildcards.

Subdirectories will be recursed into if RecurseSubdirectories is set to true.

The ExcludedFiles may be used to limit the files to be extracted.

This property is not available in the Assembler/Encoder.

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