Depth Property

How deep the server should operate within a directory.

Data Type


Possible Values

Unspecified (0)
Resource Only (1)
Immediate Children (2)
Infinity (3)

Default Value



During its operation, the task will use Depth to instruct the server on how deep to operate within a directory. Depth is an enumerated type with the following possible values:

dpUnspecified (0)The server will use the protocol default depth for the operation (this is normally "infinity").
dpResourceOnly (1)The server will operate only on the directory resource URI, and not on any of its internal member resources.
dpImmediateChildren (2)The server will operate on the directory resource URI and all of its immediate member resources (but on none of their member resources).
dpInfinity (3)The server will recursively operate on the target resource URI and all of its internal member URIs through all levels of the directory hierarchy.

This property is not available in the Sender.

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