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GrantType Property

The OAuth grant type used to acquire an OAuth access token.


 getGrantType(): OauthGrantTypes;

 setGrantType(grantType: OauthGrantTypes): void;

enum OauthGrantTypes { ogtAuthorizationCode, ogtImplicit, ogtPassword, ogtClientCredentials }

Default Value



This setting specifies the type of grant to obtain. In most cases the Authorization Code grant type (default) is used, so it is typically not necessary to change this. The supported values are:

  • 0 (Authorization Code - Default)
  • 1 (Implicit)
  • 2 (Resource Owner Password Credentials)
  • 3 (Client Credentials)

For all grant types listed set ClientProfile to Application.

The Authorization Code grant is the most commonly used grant type. It follows the flow described for the Application Client Type section in the OAuth introduction page.

Implicit grants are similar to Authorization Code, except that a Bearer token is returned directly from the authorization server without requiring a second step to exchange a code for a bearer token. To use this grant type set:

And call GetAuthorization.

The Resource Owner Password Credentials grant type may be used to authenticate on behalf of a resource owner with the owner's credentials. Authentication is performed directly and the user is not prompted to authenticate the application. To use this grant type set:

And call GetAuthorization.

The Client Credentials grant type is typically used for server-to-server authentication. The client authenticates directly to the authentication server and receives a token without any user interaction. To use this grant type set:

And call GetAuthorization.

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