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SSHCert Property

A certificate to be used for authenticating the SSHUser .


 getSSHCert(): Certificate;

 setSSHCert(SSHCert: Certificate): void;

Default Value


In order to use public key authentication, SSHCert must contain a Certificate with a valid private key. The certificate's public key value is sent to the server along with a signature produced using the private key. The server will first check to see if the public key values match what is known for the user, and then will attempt to use those values to verify the signature.

Example (User/Password Auth):

Control.SSHAuthMode = SshauthSSHAuthModes.amPassword
Control.SSHUser = "username"
Control.SSHPassword = "password"
Control.SSHLogon("server", 22)
Example (Public Key Auth):
Control.SSHAuthMode = SshauthSSHAuthModes.amPublicKey
Control.SSHUser = "username"
Control.SSHCertStoreType = SSHCertStoreTypes.cstPFXFile;
Control.SSHCertStore = "cert.pfx";
Control.SSHCertStorePassword = "certpassword";
Control.SSHCertSubject = "*";  
Control.SSHLogon("server", 22)

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