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on_data_in Event

Fired when data (complete lines) comes in.


class PipeClientDataInEventParams(object):
  def text() -> bytes: ...
  def eol() -> bool: ...

# In class PipeClient:
def on_data_in() -> Callable[[PipeClientDataInEventParams], None]: ...
def on_data_in(event_hook: Callable[[PipeClientDataInEventParams], None]) -> None: ...


Trapping the on_data_in event is your only chance to get the data coming from the other end of the connection. The incoming data is provided through the Text parameter.

EOL indicates whether the eol string was found at the end of Text or not. If the eol string was found, then EOL is True.

If Text is part of a data portion of length larger than MaxLineLength with no eol strings in it, then EOL is False. Please note that this means that one or more on_data_in events with EOL set to False can be received during a connection.

If the eol property is "" (empty string), then EOL can be disregarded (it is always True).

Note that events are not re-entrant. Performing time consuming operations within this event will prevent it from firing again in a timely manner and may impact overall performance.

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