IPWorks Cloud 2020 Android Edition

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EncryptionPassword Property

The encryption password.


public String getEncryptionPassword();
public void setEncryptionPassword(String encryptionPassword);


If this property is populated when UploadFile or DownloadFile is called, the component will attempt to encrypt or decrypt the data before uploading or after downloading it.

The component uses the value specified here to generate the necessary encryption Key and IV values using the PKCS5 password digest algorithm. This provides a simpler alternative to creating and managing Key and IV values directly.

However, it is also possible to explicitly specify the Key and IV values to use by setting the EncryptionKey and EncryptionIV configuration settings. This may be necessary if, e.g., the data needs to be encrypted/decrypted by another utility which generates Key and IV values differently.

This property is not available at design time.

Default Value


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