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PartList Event

Fires once for every part returned when listing a multipart upload's parts.


typedef struct {
  int PartNumber;
  String ObjectName;
  String LastModified;
  __int64 Size;
  String ETag;
  String OwnerId;
  String OwnerName;
} TicsIBMStoragePartListEventParams;

typedef void __fastcall (__closure *TicsIBMStoragePartListEvent)(System::TObject* Sender, TicsIBMStoragePartListEventParams *e);

__property TicsIBMStoragePartListEvent OnPartList = { read=FOnPartList, write=FOnPartList };


This event fires once for each multipart upload part returned when ListParts is called.

PartNumber reflects the part's number.

ObjectName reflects the name of the object the multipart upload is for.

LastModified reflects the last modified time of the part.

Size reflects the size, in bytes, of the part.

ETag reflects the part's ETag of the part.

OwnerId and OwnerName reflect the Id and display name of the part's owner, respectively.

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