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Transfer Event

Fired while a document transfers (delivers document).


public event OnTransferHandler OnTransfer;

public delegate void OnTransferHandler(object sender, DigitaloceanTransferEventArgs e);

public class DigitaloceanTransferEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public int Direction { get; }
  public long BytesTransferred { get; }
  public int PercentDone { get; }
  public string Text { get; }
public byte[] TextB { get; } }
Public Event OnTransfer As OnTransferHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnTransferHandler(sender As Object, e As DigitaloceanTransferEventArgs)

Public Class DigitaloceanTransferEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Direction As Integer
  Public ReadOnly Property BytesTransferred As Long
  Public ReadOnly Property PercentDone As Integer
  Public ReadOnly Property Text As String
Public ReadOnly Property TextB As Byte() End Class


The Text parameter contains the portion of the document text being received. It is empty if data is being posted to the server.

The BytesTransferred parameter contains the number of bytes transferred in this Direction since the beginning of the document text (excluding HTTP response headers).

The Direction parameter shows whether the client (0) or the server (1) is sending the data.

The PercentDone parameter shows the progress of the transfer in the corresponding direction. If PercentDone can not be calculated the value will be -1.

Note that events are not re-entrant. Performing time consuming operations within this event will prevent it from firing again in a timely manner and may impact overall performance.

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