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Range Property

The range of bytes to request.


public string Range { get; set; }
Public Property Range As String

Default Value



This property specifies the range of bytes to request from the server. If this property is non-empty when a GetObject request is being constructed, a header like Range: bytes=Range will be added to the request, with Range substituted with the specified value.

There are two valid formats for this property's value:

  • StartByte-
  • StartByte-EndByte

Note: If the StartByte property is greater than zero when GetObject is called (i.e., when a download is being resumed), and this property is non-empty, the component will automatically advance the StartByte value in the specified range by StartByte bytes when sending the Range header to the server. This ensures that the previously-downloaded data at the start of the specified range is not downloaded again when the download is resumed.

This property is not available at design time.

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