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Region Property

The region the component will make requests against.


public string Region { get; set; }
Public Property Region As String

Default Value



This property control which region the component will make requests against. By default the component uses nyc3, the New York 3 region. This property should be changed to create or access resources in other regions.


Value Region
ams2 Amsterdam 2
ams3 Amsterdam 3
blr1 Bangalore 1
fra1 Frankfurt 1
lon1 London 1
nyc1 New York 1
nyc2 New York 2
nyc3 (Default) New York 3
sfo1 San Francisco 1
sfo2 San Francisco 2
sgp1 Singapore 1
tor1 Toronto 1

The component will always convert this property's value to lowercase. If this property is cleared, the component will reset it to the default value.

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