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SignerKeyUserId Property

The user Id of the key.



Default Value



The user Id of the key. When a key is loaded this property is populated with the user Id associated with the key. This property may be set to load a key from the Keyring. When this property is set the control will search the Keyring for a key associated with the UserId specified.

When loading a key with multiple user Ids, this property will be populated with the UserId that was most recently added to the key. To discover all of the UserIds associated with a key query this property and KeyOtherUserIds after loading the key.

The UserId format is:

FirstName LastName (Comment) <Email>
Not all values are required when selecting or generating a key, but at least FirstName or Email are required.

When using this property to select a key you may also specify the key's Id, or any of its subkeys' Ids, instead of a user Id. The control will then search for a key with a matching Id. This is helpful in situations where you do not have the UserId but still need to load the key, such as within the OpenPGP control's RecipientInfo event.

The SignerKeyIndex parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the SignerKeyCount property.

This property is not available at design time.

Data Type


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