IPWorks Encrypt 2020 Android Edition

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Cms Errors

CMS Errors

191   Invalid index (RecipientIndex).
192   Message decoding error (code).
193   Unexpected message type.
194   Unsupported hashing/signing algorithm.
195   The message doesn't have any signers.
196   The message signature could not be verified.
197   Could not locate a suitable decryption certificate.
198   The signer certificate could not be found.
199   No signing certificate was supplied for signing the message.
201   The specified certificate was not the one required.
202   The specified certificate could not be found.
221   Could not acquire CSP.
222   Type validation error.
223   Unsupported key size.
224   Unrecognized Content-Type object identifier.
225   Unrecognized public key format.
226   No choices specified.
228   Must specify output stream.
280   Invalid Part Index.
281   Unknown MIME type.
283   No MIME-boundary found.
10280   Error decoding certificate.

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