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IncludeCertificates Property

Specifies whether to include the signer's certificate with the signed message.


public int getIncludeCertificates();
public void setIncludeCertificates(int includeCertificates);

Enumerated values: public final static int icsNone = 0; public final static int icsSignerCerts = 1; public final static int icsSignerCertsAndChain = 2;


This setting specifies which certificates (if any) are included in the signed message. By default the public certificate of the certificate used to sign the message is included. This allows the receiving party to verify the signature without any additional knowledge. If this is set to icsNone the recipient must obtain and specify the public certificate to be used for signature verification. Possible values are:

Value Description
0 (icsNone) No signer certificates are included.
1 (icsSignerCerts - default) The certificates specified in Certificates are included.
2 (icsSignerCertsAndChain) The certificates specified in Certificates and the full chain of each certificate are included.

Default Value


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