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Dsa Configuration

The component accepts one or more of the following configuration settings. Configuration settings are similar in functionality to properties, but they are rarely used. In order to avoid "polluting" the property namespace of the component, access to these internal properties is provided through the Config method.

DSA Configuration Settings

CloseInputStreamAfterProcessing:   Determines whether or not the input stream is closed after processing.

Determines whether or not the input stream set by SetInputStream is closed after processing is complete. The default value is True.

HashSignatureFormat:   The format of the HashSignature.

This setting specifies the format of HashSignature when calling Sign. The way the HashSignature parameters are represented can be changed to be interoperable with other implementations. Possible values are:

0 (Concatenated - default) Compatible with Windows/.NET
1 (ASN) Compatible with OpenSSL/Mac/iOS

The default value is 0 (Concatenated). This setting is only applicable when calling Sign. When calling VerifySignature the format is automatically determined by the component.

KeyFormat:   How the public and private key are formatted.

This setting controls the format of PublicKey and PrivateKey. By default these fields hold PEM formatted public and private key data. When set to 1 (XML) the keys are stored in a XML format. This only affects the values returned by the component; the actual keys remain the same regardless of this setting. Possible values are:

  • 0 (PEM - PKCS#1)
  • 1 (XML)
  • 2 (PEM - PKCS#8 - default)
The default value is 2 (PEM - PKCS#8).
KeySize:   The size, in bits, of the secret key.

This specifies the size, in bits, of the secret key. The minimum key size for DSA is 512. The maximum key size is 4096. Note that large values such as 4096 will impact performance. The default value is 1024.

Base Configuration Settings

BuildInfo:   Information about the product's build.

When queried, this setting will return a string containing information about the product's build.

GUIAvailable:   Tells the component whether or not a message loop is available for processing events.

In a GUI-based application, long-running blocking operations may cause the application to stop responding to input until the operation returns. The component will attempt to discover whether or not the application has a message loop and, if one is discovered, it will process events in that message loop during any such blocking operation.

In some non-GUI applications an invalid message loop may be discovered that will result in errant behavior. In these cases, setting GUIAvailable to false will ensure that the component does not attempt to process external events.

LicenseInfo:   Information about the current license.

When queried, this setting will return a string containing information about the license this instance of a component is using. It will return the following information:

  • Product: The product the license is for.
  • Product Key: The key the license was generated from.
  • License Source: Where the license was found (e.g. RuntimeLicense, License File).
  • License Type: The type of license installed (e.g. Royalty Free, Single Server).
UseDaemonThreads:   Whether threads created by the component are daemon threads.

If set to True (default), when the component creates a thread the thread's Daemon property will be explicitly set to True. When set to False the component will not set the Daemon property on the created thread. The default value is True.

UseInternalSecurityAPI:   Tells the component whether or not to use the system security libraries or an internal implementation.

By default the component will use the system security libraries to perform cryptographic functions. Setting this to True tells the component to use the internal implementation instead of using the system's security API.

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