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EncryptionAlgorithm Property

The encryption algorithm to use.


public int getEncryptionAlgorithm();
public void setEncryptionAlgorithm(int encryptionAlgorithm);

Enumerated values: public final static int iesAES = 0; public final static int iesTripleDES = 1; public final static int iesXOR = 2;


This setting specifies the encryption algorithm to use when Encrypt is called. This must also be set before calling Decrypt to match the algorithm used during the initial encryption.

Possible values are:

  • 0 (iesAES - default)
  • 1 (iesTripleDES)
  • 2 (iesXOR)

AES Notes

When EncryptionAlgorithm is set to iesAES AES CBC with a default key size of 256 bits is used. To specify a different key size set EncryptionKeySize.

Default Value


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