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ContentEncryptionAlgorithm Property

The algorithm used to encrypt the content.


public int getContentEncryptionAlgorithm();
public void setContentEncryptionAlgorithm(int contentEncryptionAlgorithm);

Enumerated values: public final static int ceaA128CBC_HS256 = 0; public final static int ceaA192CBC_HS384 = 1; public final static int ceaA256CBC_HS512 = 2; public final static int ceaA128GCM = 3; public final static int ceaA192GCM = 4; public final static int ceaA256GCM = 5;


This property specifies the algorithm used to encrypt the content.

The following values are supported.

0 (ceaA128CBC_HS256 - default) AES_128_CBC_HMAC_SHA_256 authenticated encryption algorithm
1 (ceaA192CBC_HS384) AES_192_CBC_HMAC_SHA_384 authenticated encryption algorithm
2 (ceaA256CBC_HS512) AES_256_CBC_HMAC_SHA_512 authenticated encryption algorithm
3 (ceaA128GCM) AES GCM using 128-bit key
4 (ceaA192GCM) AES GCM using 192-bit key
5 (ceaA256GCM) AES GCM using 256-bit key

Default Value


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