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AddHeaderParam Method

Adds additional header parameters.


public void addHeaderParam(String name, String value, int dataType);


This method is used to add additional header parameters before calling Sign.

The Name and Value parameters define the name and value of the parameter respectively. The DataType parameter specifies the JSON data type of the value. Possible values for DataType are:

  • 0 (Object)
  • 1 (Array)
  • 2 (String)
  • 3 (Number)
  • 4 (Bool)
  • 5 (Null)
To add additional parameters to the JOSE header use this method. For instance to create this header:

  "alg": "HS512",
  "crit": [
  "exp": 12345687,
  "kid": "myKeyId",
  "type": "JWT"

The following code can be used:

jws.Algorithm = JwsAlgorithms.jwsHS512;
jws.KeyId = "myKeyId";
jws.KeyB = key;
jws.AddHeaderParam("type", "JWT", 2);
jws.AddHeaderParam("crit", "[\"exp\"]", 1);
jws.AddHeaderParam("exp", "12345687", 3);
jws.InputMessage = "test";
string signedData = jws.OutputMessage;

Note: when calling Sign the component will automatically add some headers based on properties that are set.

Parameters Automatically Set:

Header ParamProperty

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