IPWorks Encrypt 2020 Android Edition

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Parse Method

Parses the compact serialized JWS string.


public void parse();


This method parses, but does not verify, the JWS string.

Take care when using this method as no signature verification is performed. This method may be helpful in cases where information about the signature is contained within the payload, or for any other reason where the signature is not important.

If verification is desired, use Verify instead. It is not necessary to call this method before calling Verify. Verify will both parse and verify the message.

When calling this method the headers and payload are parsed. The HeaderParam and SignerInfo events will fire and the HeaderParams property will be populated. The payload will be written to the specified output location.

Input and Output Properties

The component will determine the source and destination of the input and output based on which properties are set.

The order in which the input properties are checked is as follows:

When a valid source is found the search stops. The order in which the output properties are checked is as follows:

When using streams you may need to additionally set CloseInputStreamAfterProcessing or CloseOutputStreamAfterProcessing.

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