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RecipientInfo Event

Fired for each recipient key of the encrypted message.


public class DefaultOpenpgpEventListener implements OpenpgpEventListener {
  public void recipientInfo(OpenpgpRecipientInfoEvent e) {}

public class OpenpgpRecipientInfoEvent {
  public String keyId;
  public String publicKeyAlgorithm;


This event fires when the Decrypt or DecryptAndVerifySignature method is called.

KeyId is the Id of the key used to encrypt the message. If a subkey was used to encrypt the message this will be the Id of that subkey. It is the hex-encoded, 4- or 8-byte Id of the key. It is the same as the last 4 or 8 bytes of the fingerprint. For instance:

This can be used to identify the correct key to specify in Keys. Keys can be set from within this event as this event fires directly before the decryption process begins.

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