IPWorks Encrypt 2020 Android Edition

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VerifySignature Method

Verifies the signature for the specified data.


public boolean verifySignature();


This method will verify a hash signature.

Before calling this method specify the input file by setting SetInputStream, InputFile, or InputMessage.

A public key and the hash signature are required to perform the signature verification. Specify the public key in SignerKey. Alternatively, a certificate may be specified by setting SignerCert. Specify the hash signature in HashSignature.

When this method is called the component will compute the hash for the specified file and populate HashValue. It will verify the signature using the specified SignerKey and HashSignature.

To verify the hash signature without first computing the hash simply specify HashValue before calling this method.

The Progress event will fire with updates for the hash computation progress only. The hash signature verification process is quick and does not require progress updates.

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