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RecipientKey Property

The recipient's public key used when encrypting.


public RSAKey getRecipientKey();
public void setRecipientKey(RSAKey recipientKey);


This property specifies the recipient's public key. This property must be set before calling Encrypt. Alternatively, a certificate may be specified by setting RecipientCert

RSA Keys

A RSA key is made up of a number of individual parameters.

The public key consists of the following parameters:

The component also includes the PublicKey field which holds the PEM formatted public key for ease of use. This is helpful if you are in control of both sides of the encryption/signing and decryption/signature verification process. When sending the public key to a recipient note that not all implementations will support using the PEM formatted value in PublicKey in which case the individual parameters must be sent.

The private key may be represented in one of two ways. Both are mathematically equivalent. Private key format 1:

Private key format 2 is simpler but has decreased performance when decrypting and signing. This format is: The component also include the PrivateKey field which holds the PEM formatted private key for ease of use. This is helpful for storing the private key more easily.

Default Value

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