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Xmlsig Errors

XMLSig Errors

602   Unsupported value. Check the description for details.
603   Failed to match the digest value during signature verification.
604   Signature verification failed.
605   Could not find the referenced element.
606   No valid signature was found in the document.
607   Failed to write output.
608   Invalid SignatureXPath value.
611   Failed parsing certificate data.

XMLp Errors

101   Invalid attribute index.
102   No attributes available.
103   Invalid namespace index.
104   No namespaces available.
105   Invalid element index.
106   No elements available.
107   Attribute does not exist.
201   Unbalanced element tag.
202   Unknown element prefix (can't find namespace).
203   Unknown attribute prefix (can't find namespace).
204   Invalid XML markup.
205   Invalid end state for parser.
206   Document contains unbalanced elements.
207   Invalid XPath.
208   No such child.
209   Top element does not match start of path.
210   DOM tree unavailable (set BuildDOM to true and reparse).
302   Can't open file.

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