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CanonicalizationMethod Property

The canonicalization method applied to the signature.


public int getCanonicalizationMethod();
public void setCanonicalizationMethod(int canonicalizationMethod);

Enumerated values: public final static int cmC14N = 0; public final static int cmC14NComments = 1; public final static int cmC14N11 = 2; public final static int cmC14N11Comments = 3; public final static int cmExcC14N = 4; public final static int cmExcC14NComments = 5;


This property specifies the canonicalization method that is applied to the signature. This may be set before calling Sign. This will be set automatically after calling VerifySignature. Possible values are:

0 (cmC14N - default) Canonical XML version 1.0
1 (cmC14NComments) Canonical XML version 1.0 with comments
2 (cmC14N11) Canonical XML version 1.1
3 (cmC14N11) Canonical XML version 1.1 with comments
4 (cmExcC14N) Exclusive XML canonicalization version 1.0
5 (cmExcC14NComments) Exclusive XML canonicalization version 1.0 with comments

This property is not available at design time.

Default Value


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