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Algorithm Property

The random number algorithm.


public EzrandAlgorithms Algorithm { get; set; }

enum EzrandAlgorithms { raISAAC, raMSCryptoAPI, raPlatform, raSecurePlatform, raRC4Random }
Public Property Algorithm As EzrandAlgorithms

Enum EzrandAlgorithms raISAAC raMSCryptoAPI raPlatform raSecurePlatform raRC4Random End Enum

Default Value



This property specifies the algorithm used to generate the random number or bytes. Possible values are:

0 (raISAAC) ISAAC (indirection, shift, accumulate, add, and count)
1 (raMSCryptoAPI) The Microsoft Crypto API. This is only available on Windows.
2 (raPlatform) The platform's random implementation.
3 (raSecurePlatform) The platform's secure random implementation. This is only applicable in .NET and Java. In .NET the component uses the "RNGCryptoServiceProvider" class. In Java the component uses the "SecureRandom" class.
4 (raRC4Random) RC4 based random implementation.

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