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Algorithm Property

The random number algorithm.


 getAlgorithm(): EzrandAlgorithms;

 setAlgorithm(algorithm: EzrandAlgorithms): void;

enum EzrandAlgorithms { raISAAC, raMSCryptoAPI, raPlatform, raSecurePlatform, raRC4Random }

Default Value



This property specifies the algorithm used to generate the random number or bytes. Possible values are:

0 (raISAAC) ISAAC (indirection, shift, accumulate, add, and count)
1 (raMSCryptoAPI) The Microsoft Crypto API. This is only available on Windows.
2 (raPlatform) The platform's random implementation.
3 (raSecurePlatform) The platform's secure random implementation. This is only applicable in .NET and Java. In .NET the class uses the "RNGCryptoServiceProvider" class. In Java the class uses the "SecureRandom" class.
4 (raRC4Random) RC4 based random implementation.

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