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KeyMgr Class

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The KeyMgr class is used to create and manage OpenPGP keys.

Class Name


Procedural Interface

 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_register_callback($res, $id, $function);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_set($res, $id, $index, $value);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_get($res, $id, $index);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_addrevoker($res, $userid);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_adduserid($res, $userid);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_changeexpirationdate($res, $expirationdate);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_changepassphrase($res, $passphrase);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_config($res, $configurationstring);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_createkey($res, $userid, $passphrase);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_deletekey($res, $userid);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_exportpublickey($res, $filename, $useasciiarmor);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_exportsecretkey($res, $filename, $useasciiarmor);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_importkey($res, $filename, $userid);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_importkeyb($res, $data, $userid);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_loadkeyring($res, $keyringpath);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_revokekey($res, $keyid);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_savekeyring($res, $keyringpath);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_signuserid($res, $userid, $issueruserid);
 ipworksencrypt_keymgr_do_verifypassphrase($res, $passphrase);


The KeyMgr class can be used to perform a variety of key-related actions. You can create, delete, import, export, and manage keys. Both individual keys and keyrings can be created and used.

Property List

The following is the full list of the properties of the class with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

KeyCurveThis property specifies the elliptic curve used in the ECDSA or EdDSA key.
KeyEffectiveDateThe date when this key becomes valid.
KeyEncodedThe key.
KeyExpirationDateThe date the key expires.
KeyFingerprintThe hex-encoded, 20-byte fingerprint of the key.
KeyIdThe hex-encoded, 4-byte key Id.
KeyOtherUserIdsIf the specified key has alternate user Ids associated with it, this property returns a comma-separated list of the other user Ids.
KeyPassphraseThe passphrase for the key's secret key (if any).
KeyPublicKeyThe public key of the key.
KeyPublicKeyAlgorithmA text description of the public key algorithm of the key.
KeyPublicKeyLengthThe length of the public key in bits.
KeyRevokedWhether or not the key is revoked.
KeySecretKeyThe secret key of the key (if available).
KeySecretKeyAvailableWhether or not a secret key is available for the selected key.
KeyUsageA text description of UsageFlags .
KeyUsageFlagsFlags that show the intended use for the key.
KeyUserIdThe user Id of the key.
KeyringThe location on disk of the keyring.

Method List

The following is the full list of the methods of the class with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AddRevokerAdds a designated revoker to the key.
AddUserIdAdds the specified user Id to the current key.
ChangeExpirationDateChanges the expiration date of the key.
ChangePassphraseChanges the passphrase of the current key.
ConfigSets or retrieves a configuration setting.
CreateKeyCreates an OpenPGP key pair.
CreateSubKeyCreates a new subkey.
DeleteKeyDeletes the specified key.
ExportPublicKeyExports the public key of the current key.
ExportSecretKeyExports the private key of the current key.
ImportKeyImports the key specified by UserId to the current keyring.
ImportKeyBImports the key specified by UserId to the current keyring.
ListKeysLists keys in the specified Keyring .
ListSignaturesLists all signatures of the current key.
ListSubkeysLists the subkeys of the currently selected key.
LoadKeyringLoads the keyring from disk.
ResetResets the class properties.
RevokeKeyRevokes the specified key.
SaveKeyringSaves the current Keyring to disk.
SignUserIdSigns the specified user Id of the current key.
VerifyPassphraseVerifies the passphrase of specified key.

Event List

The following is the full list of the events fired by the class with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

ErrorInformation about errors during data delivery.
KeyListFires for each key in the keyring when ListKeys is called.
KeyPassphraseFired if the passphrase of current key is incorrect or empty.
SignatureListFires for each signature of the current key when ListSignatures is called.
StatusShows the progress of the operation.
SubkeyListFires once for each subkey listed when ListSubkeys is called.

Configuration Settings

The following is a list of configuration settings for the class with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AllowEmptyPasswordWhether a key can be created without a password.
ContinueOnInvalidKeyWhether to continue loading the keyring when an invalid key is found.
CreateRSASubkeyforEncryptWhether to create a subkey when creating an RSA key.
CurrentKeyPrimaryKeyUsageFlagsThe usage flags of the currently selected primary key.
CurveThe elliptic curve used when calling CreateKey.
DSAPublicSubKeyLengthSpecifies the public subkey length when creating a DSA key.
EnsureValidDSASignatureHashAlgorithmWhether or not to select a suitable signature hash algorithm automatically.
ImportAllKeysWhether or not to import all keys found in a key file.
KeyEncryptionAlgorithmThe encryption algorithm used when creating a key.
KeyIdLengthSpecifies the length of the key's Id.
KeyUsageFlags that show intended use for the key being created.
KeyValidityTimeThe validity period for the key being created.
LogLevelSpecifies the level of detail that is logged.
PublicKeyAlgorithmThe public key algorithm for the key being created.
PublicKeyLengthSpecifies the public key length when creating a key.
PublicKeyringFileThe file name of the public keyring file.
PublicKeySignatureHashAlgorithmThe public key signature hash algorithm used when creating a key.
RawKeyDataReturns detailed key and keyring data for debugging purposes.
RevocationCodeThe reason why the key was revoked.
RevocationReasonText describing why the key was revoked.
RevokerThe revoker's key Id.
SecretKeyringFileThe file name of the secret keyring file.
SubKeyAlgorithmThe subkey algorithm for the subkey being created.
SubKeyCurveThe elliptic curve of the sub key.
SubKeyUsageFlags that show intended use for the subkey being created.
UseFipsCompliantAlgorithmsRestricts the usage to FIPS compliant algorithms only.
VersionHeaderThe Version header value in ASCII armored public keys.
BuildInfoInformation about the product's build.
CodePageThe system code page used for Unicode to Multibyte translations.
LicenseInfoInformation about the current license.
ProcessIdleEventsWhether the class uses its internal event loop to process events when the main thread is idle.
SelectWaitMillisThe length of time in milliseconds the class will wait when DoEvents is called if there are no events to process.
UseInternalSecurityAPITells the class whether or not to use the system security libraries or an internal implementation.

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