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DirEntry Type

A listing in a directory returned from the server.


The DirEntry listings are filled out by the component when a directory listing is received as a response to a ListDirectory or ListDirectoryLong call. The server returns a listing for each directory and file in the RemotePath that exists. This listing is parsed into a directory entry.

If ListDirectoryLong is called, all of the fields listed below are supplied by the server. However, when the ListDirectory method is called, the FileSize, FileTime, and IsDir fields all are left empty by the server. The only field it returns in this case is the FileName.

The full line for the directory entry is provided by the Entry field.



This field contains the raw entry as received from the server. The complete unparsed entry in the directory listing.


This field shows the file name in the last directory listing. This may also be the directory name if a directory is being listed. You can tell whether it is a file or directory by the boolean IsDir field.


This field shows the file size in the last directory listing.


This field shows the file time in the last directory listing. This contains the date/time stamp in which the file was created.

NOTE: In Unix systems the date is given in two types of formats: If the date is in the last 12 months the exact time is specified and the year is omitted. Otherwise only the date and the year but not hours or minutes are given.


This field specifies whether entries in the last directory listing are directories. This boolean value denotes whether or not the directory entry listed in FileName is a file or a directory.


This field indicates whether the entry is a symbolic link. When the entry is a symbolic link the value of IsDir will always be False since this information is not returned in the directory listing. To inspect a symlink to determine if it is a link to a file or folder set RemoteFile and query the FileAttributes.IsDir field.


public DirEntry();

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