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DirList Event

Fired when a directory entry is received.


public class DefaultSftpEventListener implements SftpEventListener {
  public void dirList(SftpDirListEvent e) {}

public class SftpDirListEvent {
  public String dirEntry;
  public String fileName;
  public boolean isDir;
  public long fileSize;
  public String fileTime;
  public boolean isSymlink;


The DirList events are fired when a directory listing is received as a response to a ListDirectory.

The StartTransfer and EndTransfer events mark the beginning and end of the event stream.

The DirEntry parameter contains the filename when ListDirectory is called.

The component tries to fill out the FileName, IsDir, FileSize, and FileTime parameters when calling the ListDirectory method.

The format of the FileTime parameter returned by the component can be controlled through the FileTimeFormat configuration setting. If no format is specified, the component will format the date dependent on the year. If the filetime is in the same year, it will be formatted as "MMM dd HH:mm", otherwise it will be formatted as "MMM dd yyyy".

IsSymlink indicates whether the entry is a symbolic link. When the entry is a symbolic link the value of IsDir will always be False since this information is not returned in the directory listing. To inspect a symlink to determine if it is a link to a file or folder set RemoteFile and query the IsDir field.

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