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SSHKeyboardInteractive Event

Fired when the component receives a request for user input from the server.


public class DefaultSftpEventListener implements SftpEventListener {
  public void SSHKeyboardInteractive(SftpSSHKeyboardInteractiveEvent e) {}

public class SftpSSHKeyboardInteractiveEvent {
  public String name;
  public String instructions;
  public String prompt;
  public String response;
  public boolean echoResponse;


SSHKeyboardInteractive is fired during the user authentication stage of the SSH logon process. During authentication, the component will request a list of available authentication methods for the SSHUser. For example, if the SSHHost responds with "keyboard-interactive", the component will fire this event to allow the client application to set the password.

During authentication, the SSH server may respond with a request for the user's authentication information. Name is a server-provided value associated with the authentication method such as "CRYPTOCard Authentication". Instructions will contain specific instructions, also supplied by the server, for how the user should respond.

Along with these values, the server will also send at least one input Prompt to be displayed to and filled out by the user. Response should be set to the user's input, and will be sent back in the user authentication information response. EchoResponse is a server recommendation for whether or not the user's response should be echoed back during input.

Note: the server may send several prompts in a single packet. The component will fire the SSHKeyboardInteractive event once for each prompt.

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