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SSHEncryptionAlgorithms Property

A comma-separated list containing all allowable encryption algorithms.


public String getSSHEncryptionAlgorithms();
public void setSSHEncryptionAlgorithms(String SSHEncryptionAlgorithms);


During the SSH handshake, this list will be used to negotiate the encryption algorithm to be used between the client and server. This list is used for both directions: client to server and server to client. When negotiating algorithms, each side sends a list of all algorithms it supports or allows. The algorithm chosen for each direction is the first algorithm to appear in the sender's list that the receiver supports, so it is important to list multiple algorithms in preferential order. If no algorithm can be agreed upon, the component will raise an error and the connection will be aborted.

At least one supported algorithm must appear in this list. The following encryption algorithms are supported by the component:

aes256-ctr256-bit AES encryption in CTR mode
aes256-cbc256-bit AES encryption in CBC mode
aes192-ctr192-bit AES encryption in CTR mode
aes192-cbc192-bit AES encryption in CBC mode
aes128-ctr128-bit AES encryption in CTR mode
aes128-cbc128-bit AES encryption in CBC mode
3des-ctr192-bit (3-key) triple DES encryption in CTR mode
3des-cbc192-bit (3-key) triple DES encryption in CBC mode
cast128-cbcCAST-128 encryption
blowfish-cbcBlowfish encryption
arcfourARC4 encryption
arcfour128128-bit ARC4 encryption
arcfour256256-bit ARC4 encryption
aes256-gcm@openssh.com256-bit AES encryption in GCM mode.
aes128-gcm@openssh.com128-bit AES encryption in GCM mode.
chacha20-poly1305@openssh.comChaCha20 with Poly1305-AES encryption.

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