Connected Event

Fired immediately after a connection completes (or fails).


ANSI (Cross Platform)
virtual int FireConnected(SFTPServerConnectedEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
int ConnectionId;
int StatusCode;
const char *Description; int reserved; } SFTPServerConnectedEventParams; Unicode (Windows) virtual INT FireConnected(SFTPServerConnectedEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
INT ConnectionId;
INT StatusCode;
LPCWSTR Description; INT reserved; } SFTPServerConnectedEventParams;
- (void)onConnected:(int)connectionId :(int)statusCode :(NSString*)description;

virtual INT IPWORKSSFTP_CALL FireConnected(INT &iConnectionId, INT &iStatusCode, LPSTR &lpszDescription);


If the connection is made normally, StatusCode is 0, and Description is "OK".

If the connection fails, StatusCode has the error code returned by the system. Description contains a description of this code. The value of StatusCode is equal to the value of the system error.

Please refer to the Error Codes section for more information.

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