SSHCustomAuth Event

Fired when the class is doing custom authentication.


class SFTPSSHCustomAuthEventParams {
  const QString &Packet();
  void SetPacket(const QString &qsPacket);
  int EventRetVal();
  void SetEventRetVal(int iRetVal);
// To handle, connect one or more slots to this signal. void SSHCustomAuth(SFTPSSHCustomAuthEventParams *e);
// Or, subclass SFTP and override this emitter function. virtual int FireSSHCustomAuth(SFTPSSHCustomAuthEventParams *e) {...}


SSHCustomAuth is fired during the user authentication stage of the SSH logon process if SSHAuthMode is set to amCustom. Packet contains the raw last SSH packet sent by the server, in HEX-encoded format.

The client should create a new raw SSH packet to send to the server and set Packet to the HEX-encoded representation of the packet to send.

In all cases, Packet will start with the message type field.

To read the incoming packet call DecodePacket and then use the GetSSHParam and GetSSHParamBytes methods. To create a packet use the SetSSHParam method and then call EncodePacket to obtain a HEX-encoded value and assign this to the Packet parameter.

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