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AuthMechanism Property

Used when connecting to the mail server.


public PfilemailerAuthMechanisms AuthMechanism { get; set; }

enum PfilemailerAuthMechanisms { amUserPassword, amCRAMMD5, amNTLM, amAPOP, amSASLPlain, amSASLDigestMD5, amKerberos, amXOAUTH2 }
Public Property AuthMechanism As PfilemailerAuthMechanisms

Enum PfilemailerAuthMechanisms amUserPassword amCRAMMD5 amNTLM amAPOP amSASLPlain amSASLDigestMD5 amKerberos amXOAUTH2 End Enum

Default Value



The authentication mechanism property to be used when connecting to the mail server.

By default, this property is amUserPassword (0), and if the User and Password properties are set, the AUTH command is sent to the server for authentication. If this property is set to amCRAMMD5 (1), CRAM-MD5 authentication is used instead.

If this property is set to amNTLM (2) NTLM authentication will be used.

If this property is set to amKerberos (6) Kerberos authentication will be used. NOTE: This functionality is only available in Windows.

When set to amXOAUTH2 (7) set User to the username and AuthorizationIdentity to the OAuth token. See AuthorizationIdentity for details.

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