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MessagePart Event

Fired for each message part when FetchMessageInfo is called.


type TMessagePartEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  const PartId: String;
  Size: Int64;
  const ContentType: String;
  const Filename: String;
  const ContentEncoding: String;
  const Parameters: String;
  const MultipartMode: String;
  const ContentId: String;
  const ContentDisposition: String
) of Object;

property OnMessagePart: TMessagePartEvent read FOnMessagePart write FOnMessagePart;


The PartId parameter denotes the PartId which may be identified in other parts or messages. The format of part id-s is specified by the IMAP RFCs.

The Size parameter gives the size of this part.

The ContentType parameter shows the type of data contained in the part.

The ContentEncoding parameter shows how the data is encoded.

The Filename parameter shows the filename corresponding to the part (if the part was included in the message as an attached file).

The Parameters parameter contains the additional parameters passed to the ContentType header such as the part charset etc.

The MultipartMode parameter shows the how this part relates to the message's whole multipart structure ('mixed', 'alternative', etc.).

The ContentId parameter shows the value of the Content-Id header for the part.

The ContentEncoding parameter shows the value of the Content-Encoding header for the part.

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